...“The arts is not solely shaped by errant genius out of historical
circumastances and idiosyncractic personal experience.
the roots of their inspiration date back in deep history
to the genetic origins of the human brain, and are permenant.”

- E. O. Wilson...


Acacia Tortilis, is known as Umbrella Thorn, locally, Samr. It is widely
spread through out the Middle East and truly a remarkable tree
that stands tall in extremely arid conditions of high temperatures and low precipitation levels.







The tree is usually small, wiry and carries aromatic white flowers in tight clusters. Seeds are produced in pods, which are at and coiled into a spring shape. Those pods are perfectly adjacent to each other on a sphere of pentagon cones representing a stunning level of engineering from which the fractals Acacia Surface Series are derived from .





Acacia Surface Series are sculptural pieces that are designed.  The collection is constructed from fractals of adjacent wooden pentagons.

Acacia Tortillas is also known to be a natural habitat for many indigence wildlife such as parrots